"Fervently I approached nude and figure photography

decades ago with the initial goals  to realize the classic

beauty of the human body and find new avenues to

express it as artists have done for millennia.  The

passion morphed into discovering the erotic as well

as the whimsical; uncovering texture, fluidity of body movement and how light plays to the mood. 

Further on, I evolved into more psychological

aspects to what I saw – a play between darkness and revelation; more “edge” in the message and in the


​​The Projected Images Series consists of two different concepts:


utilizing the largesse of Nature’s bounty – rocks,

river stones, raindrops, ocean tides, seashore sand,

seashells, flowers, buds, trees, twigs, bark, leaves,

trunks, weeds and reeds upon the human nude

form of skin, hair, sinew and bone. I’ve captured

and transformed from Nature, but she ultimately

tells the story for the viewer to find in each image.


known as communication design, I use the art of

planning and projecting ideas and experiences

with visual and textural content. The implementation

of recognizable, everyday images as well as

geometric shapes and abstract composition

allow for cultural and highly personal interpretation

on the universal classic nude form. The images

can be ironic, amusing, sexual, lyrical, urban-edgy,

spiritual – there to inspire the viewer to make up

their own story as to what the composite image

evokes in them. The patterns, shapes and colors

will speak differently to viewers reverberating

their unique life experience. These images are

for fun and for deep consideration; two elements

that keep life in balance.
                                   Dick Nosbisch


​"My abstract work takes a form that challenges

accepted ideas of what photographs should look

like. The title of my abstract work is called:

"PhotoGenesis" - The manipulation of the

original photo negative into an abstract form.

Instead of just capturing an image, I enhance

and manipulate the image and let the individual

do a self-exploration of what it “is” and how it

was created. What it “is”, is not what is essential

to me. By use of color, shapes and suggested

textures I change what the original photographic

image was. My whole purpose is to let the

imagination go wild and to spur the individual

captivated by an image to ask, “What is that

and how does he do it?”

​Dick Nosbisch


DWNPhoto  ​Dick Nosbisch

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"Photography is not just for capturing an image, it is for opening your imagination and creativity."


Dick Nosbisch © copyright  2016