Dick Nosbisch

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T                                                FIGURE 

Fervently I approached nude and figure photography decades ago with the initial goals to realize the classic beauty of the human body and find new avenues to express it as artists have done for millennia.  The passion morphed into discovering the erotic as well as the whimsical, uncovering texture, fluidity of body movement and how light plays to the mood.  Further on, I evolved into more psychological aspects to what I saw – a play between darkness and revelation; more “edge” in the message and in the figure.


​​"Photography is not just for capturing an image, it is for opening your imagination and creativity."




​​​​​​​                                            ABSTRACTS                                                        WATER DROPLETS SERIES
"Of the important things we humans crave is the integration of essence and art.  I came to a fascination with water as it viscerally provided me with both. Using my photo genesis technique applied to other subject matter in the body of my work, I combined it with a concentration on the abstract with an identifiable substance we all have a kinship with – water. I felt drawn to these images to offer the powerful beauty nature provides us and so very much a part of our essence." ​


                              PHOTO GENESIS SERIES

​"My abstrac takes a form that challenges accepted ideas of what photographs  should look like. The title of my abstract work is called: "PhotoGenesis" - The manipulation  of the original photo negative into an abstract  form.  Instead of just capturing an image, I  enhance and manipulate the image and let the

individual do a self-exploration of what it “is” and how itwas created. What it “is”, is not what is essential to me. By use of color, shapes and suggested textures I change what the original photographic  image was.  Like my water droplets series my whole purpose is to let the imagination go wild and to spur the individual captivated by an image to ask, “What is that and how does he do it?