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Please tune in to my podcast called: “Memories & Interviews of the Great Photographers: From Ansel Adams to Annie Leibovitz.”   

As one of the founders of the photography department at The Colorado Institute of Art, President of The Colorado Photographic Arts Center, and Public Relations Director of The Art Institute of Colorado and our school's corporate office Education Management Corporate Green and Growing team. it gave me access to some of the world’s greatest photographers. My intent is to honor these remarkable people by talking about my meetings and interviews with them. 

This AUDIO PODCAST presentation is my recollections of meetings with a variety of the world’s greatest photographers.  Some were audio interviews, and some I was just honored to meet. It is historical, funny, and an insight to the individual photographers’ psyches.  They include:

              Ansel Adams, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Al Weber, Arthur Rothstein, Annie Leibovitz, Barbara Kinney,
          Cole Weston, Duane Michals, Ernest Knee, Harry Callahan, Hal Gould, Howard Bond, Judy Dater,
          Peter Gowland, Walter Chappell, et al.

This podcast is over 40 years in the compiling

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