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Welcome, my name is Dick Nosbisch. This podcast is of my memories and series of interviews with the great photographers I had the pleasure to meet.  Most of the interviews are from the late 70’s to early 80’s and were recorded on cassette tapes.anyone remember those?! But they have sustained in order to provide this rich legacy of personal commentary from these talented artists. 

The intent is to honor these remarkable people by presenting for the public these meetings and interviews with them. Some are audio interviews, and some are personal memories that came from one-on-one conversations.  

I am not sponsored nor receiving any compensation in any form for my podcast. All comments are my personal views and do not constitute advice or services. The podcast is historical, educational, and an insight to these unique individual photographers and what they have brought to the art and discipline through innovation and true love of the medium. 

I will be airing these podcasts monthly. Some of my memories and interviews include:

    1.     Ansel Adams

    2.     Cole Weston

    3.     Duane Michals

    4.     Walter Chappell

    5.     Annie Leibovitz

 And many more.



​                        ESP.1 Walter Chappell Pt.1 

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